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Original pencil drawing on sketch craft paper.

8'' x 12'' inch

Unique work signed on the front.


Maturity is the theme for this series of illustrations that combine different techniques such as pencil drawing and watercolor. 

One is not aware that he is maturing until he realizes that he no longer looks at things with the same innocence as before. Little things that once seemed absurd are now specks of dust that accumulate and form a layer of dust and fear on the furniture. Little by little you begin to pull back the curtains of your inner home because you know that the world is no longer a safe place, that it hurts. You begin to question who you are, what you are for and sometimes even why you are. The nest of childhood crumbles. A mother's wing protects you, but outside, time lurks like an all-devouring predator. I want to be a green branch that expires and greens, but I am a flower that blooms and withers. 

If a ripe fruit is sweeter, where does this bitter taste come from?